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The Speed Scandal / Scandal Makers / Kwasok Scandle (2008)


The speed scandal..
firstly i want to see this film because it was starred by Tae-hyun Cha, usually the movie he starred is fun, so i tried to watch it..

The story begun when Huang Jung Nam, a single mother call the radio that was hosted by her father, Nam Hyeon Soo..
He tell hyeon soo that finally he find her father, and then hyeon soo tell the her to go find her father..
At one night, when hyeon soo waiting his girlfriend in his apartment, he shocked when a young girl showed up and carrying a little boy..
And what? She said that she’s his daugther..
Hyeon soo was very shocked, he doesn’t believe that he has a daughter in that age, and already have a grandson!! Oh my God..
but Jung Nam tell her the story, when Hyeon soo in 3rd year high school, he did that to her mother, and when she do that too in 1st year junior high school..

And then his life changed, his apartment become a chaos, his grandson Huang Ki Dong is very naughty..
Hyeon soo become stressed because of his act, walking in sleep, sneeze when breakfast, scratching everywhere..
And the final chaos comes when Jung Nam come to the audition that hosted by the Hyeon Soo radio..
and she’s has very good voice and go to the final..
Jung Nam and Ki Dong inherit Hyeon Soo music talent..
Jung Nam have a gound voice and Ki Dong can play piano very good..
the story is very funny but still have a good plot..


They always hide about their relationship, until one day Jung Nam friend that fall in love with her capture their picture and give that to tricky reporter..
He spread it, and it goes wild in the radio office, the boss angry with Hyeon Soo and tell Hyeon Soo to clear the situation for his reputation..
And because of miscomunication, Hyeon Soo and Jung Nam had a fight, and Jung Nam and Ki Dong left the house..

After that Hyeon Soo feel very lonely, the cheerful has gone from his apartment..
He feel like he’s doing wrong thing, and he announce the feeling from last story of Jung Nam, he said his feeling and hoping that Jung Nam hear him..
Jung Nam was hear it and moved, he come to final audition as his father said to express his interest, but when the time to perform, Ki Dong is missing, she become panic, and searching like crazy, but still can’t found him..
and the last hope she begging to her father, but at the beginning Hyeon Soo act like he didn’t know her..
But he can’t supress his feeling anymore, he help his daugther to find Ki Dong, and report it to police..

I don’t want to tell the ending..
just watch this movie, it’s really worth..
very recommend movie from me..

Tae Yun Cha as Nam Hyeon Soo Tae-hyun_Cha
Park Bo Yeong as Hwang Jung Nam Bo-yeong Park
Wang Seok Hyeon as Hwang Ki Dong Seok-hyeon_Wang


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