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Mafia Wars, Loot item from job, such as Untraceable Cell Phone

Hi, people who like to play mini games must know this game..
Mafia wars, a simple and good mini games..

truthfully, first time i know this game is from facebook, my friend ask me to become his mafia, but i don’t like it..
but after i’m join and play it some time, i become like the game more and more 😀

and if you play it regularly, you will meet “Flip a Snitch” and “Dodge an FBI Tail” in Capo jobs (lv 25-34), when i do that job, i lack of Untraceable Cell Phone”..
so if you out there lack of that item too, you can get it from the job “Rob an Electronics Store” in Enforcers jobs (lv 13 – 17). That job will give you an item among Untraceable Cell Phone, Concealable Camera, or Computer Set-Up..
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August 7, 2009 Posted by | Games | , , | 3 Comments